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CENTRO|P synchro chucks eat up compressive forces. Our Mini Synchro Chucks (MSC), for example, achieve up to 40 % frictionless increase of tool life.
This is what tool holding looks like in perfection.

Rigid (without compensation)

Synchro chuck

Compared to:

MSC (Mini Synchro Chuck)

Compared to: SYNCHRO CHUCK

You have a critical process when threading?
Your threading tools have too little tool life?

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Parts manufacturer precision tools
Machine interface: MAS-BT 30
Material: 1.0503 / C45
Thread size: M3 x 0,5
Core hole: D = 2,53 mm
L = 10,0 mm
Blind hole
Thread depth: T = 8,0 mm
Feed vc: 30 m/min
Cooling cooling outside

Increase in life time by 30 percent


Electronics industry
1300 threads

1300 threads

>1700 threads



MSC (Mini Synchro Chuck)

Through the unique design with maximum concentricity right down to the last corner
Additional cost saving:

  • You only need the MSC (Mini Synchro Chuck) in the desired, longer version + cheaper taps in the standard length.

  • No more need for expensive taps in the longer version.

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The new
CENTRO|P synchro

No matter how you look at it, the CENTRO|P synchro tapping chucks will move the market with their innovative technology.


Status quo.
What a synchro chuck is capable of.

A tapping chuck with minimum length compensation (synchro chuck) essentially works “against” axial tensile and compressive forces, that occur during the cutting or forming of threads. Or rather – it works “with” them. Because it compensates synchronisation errors that occur during this process and keeps the forces in check. In order to produce threads reliably, it is crucial that the synchro chuck maintains its ease of movement, especially under torque load. If, on the other hand, the synchronicity of the rotary and feed axes decreases, which can occur due to wear, temperature response, tolerance positions, mass inertia, etc., the load leads to overload – and ultimately to a reduction of the tool life or breakage of the tool.


Technological edge.
What we thought of CENTRO|P synchro.

Every mechanical engineer knows: “When turning and pulling at the same time it’s stuck.” So we asked ourselves the “clamping” question, how we can solve the existing basic problem of friction under torque load by means of balls, pins or comparable drastically.

The result is as radical as it is simple. We simply do without such mechanically interlocking drivers and instead work with our patent-pending clutch („Rubberflexclutch“).


Clutch instead of friction.
What makes CENTRO|P synchro unique in the market.

Due to the “Rubberflexclutch” (RFC), the tool holder can absorb torque loads without mechanical positive locking by means of this new technology. The process of driving and balancing takes place “in one piece” and is almost frictionless.

In addition, the RFC ensures a damped momentum when the direction of rotation is reversed. Thanks to its space-saving design, the RFC allows for a slim construction, so that the tool comes with high concentricity right into the proverbial “last corner”.


What CENTRO|P synchro means for its users.

A whole lot. Not only consistently process-reliable product quality over a longer production period, but also the doubling of cutting parameters in operation are possible with the CENTRO|P synchro. In addition, there are correspondingly shorter cycle times and considerably reduced tool wear. The together leads to a significantly longer tool life and more economic efficiency for your company.

Whichever way you look at it, the tapping chuck CENTRO|P synchro will move the market with its innovative technology.