CENTRO|P synchro

This is perfect thread machining in proven FAHRION quality

Decoupling without mechanical friction - Torque load without losing ease of movement

The new FAHRION Centro|P Synchro chuck

Even more stable!

More secure processes thanks to smooth operation even under torque load.
Even more durable!
Longer tool life of the tap and forming tap.

Even smaller!

Significantly smaller outer diameter than previously available on the market.

Even more!

10 times more internal cooling directly on the tool than the best competitor (for ER8).

Even more precise!

Twice the concentricity for the lowest flank pressure.

Even smoother!

Damped reversal of direction of rotation for fewer tool breakages.
More secure process
Longer tool service life
Significantly longer tool life


  • Extremely low axial forces for low flank pressure and perfect surface quality.
  • Torsion damper and compensation mechanism in the circumferential direction.
  • Depth of up to 150 mm achievable with Ø10 interfering contour (for thread size M0.5 – M3).
  • Suitable for internal coolant supply of up to 80 bar.
  • Suitable for thread taps and forming taps.
  • Suitable for right-hand and left-hand threads.
  • Suitable for blind and through holes.
  • Minimum length compensation in push and pull direction.
  • Drastically reduces the flank pressure on old and new CNC machining centres.

The complete product overview of the available interfaces and suitable collets can be found in the brochure.

All available products in the brochure

  • The CENTRO|P synchro product range at a glance
  • Detailed technical data on the CENTRO|P synchro product range and all interfaces

Precise and synchronised down to the last corner

The FAHRION-specific design of the guideways ensures maximum concentricity even with long overhangs. The Rubber-Flex-Clutch (RFC) provides the necessary damping properties in the axial and radial directions. Our Mini Synchro Chuck MSC8 only requires a diameter of 10 mm on the clamping nut. A unique feature of the extended CENTRO|P synchro versions is that, despite their extremely slim outer contour, they have an internal coolant supply system.
Additional cost saving:
You only need the Mini Synchro Chuck (MSC) in the desired longer version + cheaper taps in the standard length. Expensive taps in the longer version are no longer necessary.

Many advantages thanks to internal cooling lubricant supply

A sufficient quantity of coolant at the right pressure in the right place is essential for threading. It is therefore usually advantageous if the coolant is channelled through the tool. As shown schematically in the pictures, an internal cooling lubricant supply ensures that there is always enough cooling lubricant directly at the cutting edge, even with critical contours. The outlet can either be through the tool and/or through the collet.
Thanks to the internal supply of cooling lubricant, there is always sufficient cooling lubricant directly at the cutting edge, even with critical contours.

What a synchro chuck is capable of

Force measurement during thread forming of M2 in 1.7131 with 3000 rpm.
What a synchro chuck is capable of
rigid chuck
A synchro chuck compensates for any synchronisation errors and reduces axial forces. This leads to better quality, lower wear, a longer tool life and a safer process.
In order to produce threads reliably, it is crucial that the synchro chuck (tapping chuck with minimum length compensation) can maintain its ease of movement, especially under torque load. The axial forces generated during thread machining can be clearly seen in the diagram: Machining with a rigid chuck (orange line) compared with a chuck including synchronised compensation (blue line).

What makes FAHRION CENTRO|P synchro so unique

Force measurement during thread forming of M3 in 1.7131 with 2334 rpm.
What makes CENTRO|P synchro so unique
Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3
Competitor 4
The diagram shows 4 chucks with different mechanical synchronised balancers, which we have compared with our RFC technology.
Compared to other competitors, our tapping chuck exhibits the lowest wear-promoting axial forces (dark blue line).
Every mechanical engineer knows: “When turning and pulling at the same time, you get a jam.” This is an ongoing basic problem caused by balls, pins or similar drivers under torque load. FAHRION technology simply dispenses with such mechanical positive-locking drivers and instead works with our patent-pending clutch (“Rubber-Flex-Clutch”). The “Rubber-Flex-Clutch” (RFC) allows the tool holder to absorb torque loads without mechanical positive locking. The process of driving and equalisation takes place “in one piece” and is almost frictionless. In addition, the RFC ensures a damped momentum when the direction of rotation is reversed.

From synchronised compensation in four directions to backlash-free synchronised compensation

Pull and torsional force during thread cutting or forming

The RFC acts on the radial drive in the direction of rotation as well as on the axial compensation in both the tensile and compressive directions.

Push and torsional force after reversing the direction of rotation

The RFC acts on the radial drive in the reverse direction of rotation as well as on the axial compensation in both the tensile and compressive directions.
CENTRO|P synchro chucks are characterised by particularly long and precise guidance of the shaft with consistently high FAHRION quality.

Prevent critical processes during threading or extend the service life of your threading tools.

Success stories


Parts manufacturer precision tools
Machine interface: MAS-BT 30
Material: 1,0503 / C45
Thread size: M3 x 0.5
Core hole: D = 2.53 mm
L = 10.0 mm
Blind hole
Thread depth: T = 8.0 mm
Cutting speed Vc: 30 m/min
Cooling/Lubrication: CL outside
Increase in life time by 30 percent


Electronics industry
1180 threads
1310 threads
>1700 threads



MSC (Mini Synchro Chuck)

Machine: Heller FP4000
Machine interface: HSK-A 63
Material: 3,2315 AlSi1MgMn
Thread size: M2.5 + M3
Speed: 2,000 1/min
Cutting speed Vc: 19 m/min
Cooling/Lubrication: CL inside + outside
Challenge: Immersion depth
Increase in life time by 30 percent

M2,5 & M3 FORMING THREADS (ACTUAL STATE BEFORE USING MSC: unsafty process becauce of threading tool break)

1 – 20 threads
504 threads
>3500 threads

Actual state tool break

Target state until tool change

Result using MSC (mini synchro chuck)

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Our Mini Synchro Chucks (MSC), for example, achieve up to 40  % smoother tool life.

(without compensation)

Synchro chuck

Compared to: RIGID

FAHRION Centro|P Synchro

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